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FMEA is not just a quality tool used by the Automotive Industry!

When failure is not an option call on Passionate about providing professional FMEA facilitation, methodology trainings and dedicated FMEA software!

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Since establishment in 2007 we have worked with a large number of major companies to either get them started with performing FMEA, as a risk analysis on new products, or to provide training in System, Process or Design Failure Modes and Effects Analysis, so that they can perform it independently. Click on the image below to find out more!


Failure Modes & Effects Analysis (FMEA); supporting companies to create effective FMEA by providing FMEA related Trainings, Facilitation (Moderation) throughout projects, or by providing professional software; regardless of your industry, product(s), or the type of FMEA to be undertaken!

Are you having difficulty in obtaining constructive results from your FMEA activities? Are you, or your company working to ISO/TS standards? Do you find that you are struggling to perform the risk analysis correctly or efficiently? Are you struggling to find the manpower to meet the project deadline? Wish to avoid employing somebody just to fulfil a specific customer demand? Wish to perform a Root Cause Analysis?

  FMEA Training, Software, Facilitation to get you through your quality audits

We are specialists in FMEA facilitation, training, moderation and the use of dedicated risk management software, which is an alternative to the widely employed Microsoft Excel or equivalent.

Regardless of the software that you currently use, or the industry you are in, we can show you how to apply the structured approach of an experienced FMEA practitioner. This approach will produce far more intelligent and robust FMEA, and in a fraction of the time! The FMEA Software we employ will allow you to present the information in a number of industry standard formats or perform analyses that will impress clients, auditors and FMEA team members alike.. read on about the APIS IQ-Software.

We can teach you and your employees how to perform FMEA correctly, and even put the first ones together for you!

Contact us today for further information, or view a short presentation about our FMEA services and the dedicated FMEA Software that we employ.

We can provide you with dedicated FMEA Software
If you are interested in applying Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (or FMECA) within your business, then click the following links to:

AIAG Alignment with VDA due 2017

We do not expect the
AIAG-VDA FMEA Alignment to have any major affect on the services that we are currently providing.

What is FMEA?

FMEA / FMECA is an activity that brings minds together in a collaborative and pre-emptive way in order to avoid failure of a system!”

1949: Failure Modes and Effects Analysis was developed by the US military (MIL-P-1649) to analyse equipment reliability in order to minimise personnel and equipment losses.
1960s: FMEA was employed by NASA for the Apollo project. Following this it was adopted by the aerospace industry.
1970s: FMEA was taken up by the nuclear power engineering and then the automotive industry (Ford).
1980s: FMEA was also taken up by the association of German motor car manufacturers (VDA) as a DIN standard.
1990s: FMEA had spread into the rest of the automotive industry (System FMEA was born) and was now being taken up by medicine and telecommunication companies.
Today: FMEA is universally accepted as an engineering tool to assist design and production engineers and is now employed in most industries. In 2000 FMEA was incorporated in the SAE paper J1739 and has since become an activity undertaken in order to conform to the TS/ISO 16949 standard. Additionally it is used to find the hazards that you need to control for ISO 26262.

Failure Mode and Effects Analysis is a systematic procedure of focusing on what can go wrong, what possibly could cause it and what are the potential effects. Quantification of the risk, taking into account the current controls, then indicates areas of weakness. It is widely used in manufacturing industries in various phases of the product life cycle. Failure causes are any errors or defects in process, design, or part, especially ones that affect the customer. FMEA can be used for Root Cause Analysis.

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