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FMEA Facilitation undertaken at home and abroad

Professional and highly experience FMEA Moderation / Facilitation. are here to help!

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As we are based in the West Midlands of the Uinted Kingdom we 're ideally located to cover England, Scotland, Ireland & Wales!

FMEA trainings & facilitation for International companies

In addition to this we are based in the UK just 40 minutes from Birmingham Airport and less than 3 hours from London Heathrow, therefore we are ideally located to provide our services within Europe & further afield!
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FMEA Facilitation

FMEA Moderation or FMEA Facilitation, call it what you may, is the name of the activity used to support an effective FMEA.

If you are undertaking a FMEA (failure Mode & Effects Analysis) from the beginning or have the burden of maintaining an existing FMEA written by someone else, then it can be a challenging and arduous task for all persons involved, especially if they do not have the correct knowledge or experience. Lack of direction, misinterpretation of the concept or ’scope creep‘ are the most common problems in FMEA; and that can dramatically increase the workload and costs associated with it.

To ensure that the FMEA’s an efficient and constructive one, then the FMEA Facilitator must be knowledgeable of the FMEA Methodology, be energetic and have the skill to guide the FMEA team through the process. Additionally a competent FMEA Facilitator will be able to handle software and other resources in an adept manner.

Did you know that by hiring a professional FMEA Facilitator you can reduce the time required to do FMEA by up to 60%; plus its consequential costs?

Ultimately an effective FMEA will help you make a more robust product, which is essential when trying to be successful in today’s competitive global market.

The FMEA Facilitator is there to extract the information from the team members, and he/she may sometimes do this by asking ’stupid’ or open questions. The knowledge gained will then be fed into dedicated FMEA software in real-time in order to highlight areas of high risk.

The aim is to produce an effective FMEA efficiently, but after some initial support from an experienced FMEA Facilitator, which could be in just a few sessions, then your team may feel confident enough to continue with the FMEA independently.

FMEA Facilitation is valuable if you wish to: commence a project on the right foot, feel that professional guidance will bring a special project to a certain point quickly, or you simply want to drive the knowledge from the FMEA Methodology training home.


  • Understanding of how to apply the FMEA Methodology
  • Understanding of the application of the IQ-Software
  • Learn tips, tricks and methods from an experienced FMEA Facilitator
  • Reduction of the costs associated with this analysis

What our FMEA Facilitation includes:

  • The advantage of using a dedicated FMEA Software program to record the knowledge
  • Preparation of the FMEA structure according to the BOM (bill of materials) / BOP (bill of process)
  • Provision of an overview of what FMEA is and the structured approach that will be applied during the meeting to those new to FMEA
Working closely with your team to:
  • Express the purpose and aims of FMEA
  • Assist the definition of the System Structure (scope)
  • Support the conception of the functions
  • Support the conception of potential malfunctions
  • Creation of the FMEA form
  • Support the unbiased evaluation of risk
  • Assignation of the preventive and detection actions, or ’current controls‘, into the initial state
  • Assignation of the persons responsible for the preventive and detection actions assigned to the subsequent revision state, or ’recommended actions‘.
  • Support the evaluation of revision states
  • Provide the FMEA in Excel, or another common format, such as HTML or PDF.
  • Provide the documentation as a mini website, including statistical analysis etc.
  • Help with selecting or defining the risk descriptions to use, if not company standard exists.
Facilitation to get you started with FMEA
Our FMEA Facilitation follows the structured approach according to:
FMEA services provided conform to Verband der Automobilindustrie
and we use the APIS IQ-FMEA Software to record the knowledge
FMEA Software developers
which means we can provide the FMEA in alternative layouts, such as:
FMEA services provided conform to Automotive Industry Action Group Methodology
and then provide the documentation in a format that you can work with independently or view using any internet browser

Internet browser



AIAG Alignment to VDA in 2018
The new FMEA handbook is here! Thankfully we're not really changing the way that we work, as we have always employed the VDA methodology!







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