Applying FMEA leads to lower
costs & robust products

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FMEA leads to robust products by mitigating risk of failure

Failure can be evaded if you apply a risk analysis, such as FMEA!

For every £1 spent on FMEA saves £1000 later on!


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Note on benefits of FMEA

A robust Failure Modes & Effects Analysis (FMEA) or FMECA (Failure Modes Effects & Criticality Analysis) improves the Quality and Reliability of a product’s design and also makes the manufacture more efficient and cost effective.

There are many benefits of applying FMEA within your business and here are just a few:

  • Product / Process Robustness and optimisation

  • Reduced costs (materials, re-work, late change, recalls etc.)

  • Fault / accident prevention

  • Customer satisfaction

  • As a deliverable for IEC 61508 and ISO 26262 it helps expose safety risks

  • Records the intellectual property

  • Standardised approach to risk assessment and reduction

  • Understanding of the scope, liabilities, limitations and interaction between elements

  • Enhances teamwork, understanding and cross-functional working relationships

  • Focuses on each element of the system under analysis

  • Identification of critical areas of the system (Root Cause Analysis)

  • Exchange of ideas and knowledge

Cost is one of the most serious aspects of product development. Getting the design or production wrong, or not making a thorough risk analysis, can result in product recalls, high production waste, safety recalls, or at worse legal proceedings!

There are many product liability cases that can be found in the public domain, where law suits ran into billions due to the recall cost. Below are some of the most commonly referenced cases:

The 1970’s Ford Pinto had a flaw in it’s design. In nearly all rear-end crash collisions the Pinto’s fuel system would rupture extremely easily and burst into flames, whilst the doors would sometimes trap the occupants inside. They had not realised this problem until mass production and did not change the situation due to costs, even though the cost was minimal. A number of law suits followed and Ford was found to be negligent.

(source: The Ford Pinto Case By Douglas Birsch, John H. Fielder)

To bring us up to date: Could Toyota have realised the potential failures of their accelerator pedal mechanism if they had performed Failure Modes & Effects Analysis? or the Faulty breaks in the Prius? The cost of their huge safety recall will no doubt cost in excess of £1bn.

"I wish you had taken measures earlier rather than simply saying it was not a major technical problem," Mr Maehara told Mr Toyoda in a meeting.

(Source: Toyota recalls thousands of Prius cars worldwide -

These product liability case examples exemplify why FMEA and other quality methods are so important. Although our main role is to provide FMEA training we also provide a more active role, so read more about the FMEA services we provide.

We can help you reduce costs and pass quality audits

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There is no benefit for making a distinction between FMEA and FMECA as the difference is purely in the way that the risk is realised i.e. by RPN alone or by SxO. We suggest making an assessment of the risks by applying both interpretations to establish a better picture.
FMEA was introduced by Ford Motor Company in the 70's due to the Pinto




APIS Software for FMEA minimises your product liability risk!
Did you know that we can provide you with dedicated FMEA software? Interested in obtaining your own software licence? Need a quotation for FMEA Software in GBP?
Software is the efficient way to do Failure Modes & Effects Analysis
We can also provide expert FMEA facilitation and deliver it in a professional way! Contact us for a quote on FMEA facilitation, Training or Software.







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