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A car's speedometer or NASA's shuttle, FMEA is used to mitigate risks of failure

When failure is not an option companies, large, small, national & international, turn to

Specialists in Failure Modes & Effects Analysis trainings, moderation and facilitation.




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Expert FMEA knowledge built up over more than a decade



What is FMEA?

“FMEA / FMECA is an activity that brings minds together in a collaborative and pre-emptive way in order to avoid failure of a system!”

Failure Mode and Effects Analysis is a systematic procedure of focusing on what can go wrong, what possibly could cause it and what are the potential effects. Quantification of the risk, taking into account the current controls, then indicates areas of weakness. It is widely used in manufacturing industries in various phases of the product life cycle. Failure causes are any errors or defects in process, design, or part, especially ones that affect the customer.


If you are interested in applying FMEA (or FMECA) within your business, then click the following links to:
a). Read about the benefits of applying FMEA / FMECA, or
b). Download a short presentation, a FMEA template, tips & tricks for using the APIS IQ-Software..


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Who employs our FMEA services?

The images below represent companies that have employed the services and techniques provided by Ltd. These clients (past and present) are displayed alphabetically, and then by industry. If you’re quick you can click upon a company logo to display either a testimonial or their company website.

Our growing client list for the FMEA Training, Facilitation & Software provided by

We have helped a number of major manufacturing companies within the United Kingdom and further afield; such as Bulgaria, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Tunisia...

Our product knowledge is predominantly focused within the automotive industry, but we also have growing experience within the Aerospace, Marine, Medical, Nuclear and Gas & Oil industries. Ltd. has been facilitating the main types of FMEA, namely System, Design and Process, since establishment in 2007. The FMEA types are subtly different ("a rose with a different name"), but with expertise and experience behind us we can ask the right questions. Our FMEA meetings are structured to encourage a focused and constructive working environment.

We have a broad range of product knowledge and have a history of dealing with a variety of products, such as:

  • Geartrains & transmissions: CV joints, driveshafts..

  • Instrument clusters / dashboards & LED displays

  • Cranes (Marine & Nuclear)

  • Electronics: PCBs, ECUs & Switches

  • Medical devices: Scanners, dosage & tools

  • Automotive & aerospace seating

  • Sensors: fuel, pressure & vision

  • Valves: Gas & fluids

  • Fuel tanks, level gauges & injections systems

  • Pneumatic & liquid pumps

  • Air, Pollen & Oil Filters

  • Electric Motors

  • Occupant restraints: Airbags & seatbelts

  • Door latches, door handles & Key fobs

  • Wiring harnesses / looms

  • Dynamic laser positioning systems

  • Automotive interiors, exteriors & lighting

  • Metal castings, structures & exhausts

  • Food packaging

  • Software & Controls

  • Boilers, Air heaters & heat exchangers

  • ...we are exposed to new products / prototype technologies all the time!

It does not matter what product you wish to apply Failure Modes & Effects Analysis to, the most important thing is to have the knowledge and skills available to you, and this is where we step in.. we have the ability to tease the information from your FMEA team and then record it in a clear and concise manner.

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We are based in the Midlands of the UK, so we are ideally placed to cover England, Scotland, Ireland & Wales.

International FMEA training and facilitation experience

In addition to this we are based just 40 minutes away from Birmingham Airport and less than 3 hours from London Heathrow, thus we are within easy reach of mainland Europe and further afield!







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