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We travel to you for the FMEA Facilitation or Trainings whether it be at home or abroad!

When failure is not an option choose Passionate about providing professional FMEA facilitation, methodology trainings and dedicated FMEA software!

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Since establishment in 2007 we have worked with a large number of major companies to either get them started with performing FMEA, as a risk analysis on new products, or to provide training in System, Process or Design Failure Modes and Effects Analysis, so that they can perform it independently. Click on the image below to find out more!
Someone needs to lead the FMEA team

Guideline for the charging of
‘Travel Costs’

Travel costs are all expenses that were genuinely incurred by a legitimate business trip. This includes the travel itself, food & drink, accommodation and any other legitimate secondary costs. 

For journeys outside of the United Kingdom (excluding Northern Ireland), one full working day’s travel (eight hours), both outbound and inbound, is charged according to the daily rate specified in the offer letter. Journeys using the following modes of transport are charged as per the receipts, plus a car mileage allowance, if applicable: Bus, Taxi, Ferry, Rail, Airplane, Rental car. The mode of transport chosen is intended to minimise trip duration.

Car Mileage Allowance: Mileage allowance is charged for journeys made by car within the United Kingdom only. This is charged at sixty two pence per mile from the registered company address.

Flights: Direct Flexible Economy or Business Class flights will allow us to remain flexible and, in the event of a cancellation or disruption, will influence the charges accordingly (see cancellation charges). All flights are subject to availability; therefore purchasing a different class of ticket, or using an alternative airline and/or airport may arise in order to adhere to the scheduled dates. This will affect the final travel costs. To minimise this risk we recommend providing a purchase order (PO) at least two weeks before the proposed event. Birmingham International (BHX) is the primary choice of airport for all flights, but certain destinations may require that an alternative airport is used, for example London Heathrow (LHR) or Manchester (MAN); car mileage allowance and applicable parking charges will apply in each case.

Food & Drink Allowance: Food & drink will be charged if incurred whilst on the way, or during an overnight stay. This is charged at twenty five pounds per night and excludes breakfasts provided by accommodation or meals provided by the client. Where the GRC representative has to purchase refreshments at the client’s premises then these costs will also be reimbursed as an additional item in the invoice.

Accommodation Costs: For each proven night’s bed & breakfast accommodation, the costs are reimbursed as per the receipt. This excludes secondary costs. The criteria applied to choosing accommodation takes into account facilities and services that may be required, for example: proximity to work place, car parking, special rates for the company receiving the FMEA service, internet access, food, en-suite bath and shower facilities. Accommodation is generally four star, for example: Marriott, Radisson, Best Western, Mercure, Crowne Plaza. Where a stay requires six or more night’s accommodation, then a laundry costs may be included.

Secondary Costs: Secondary costs, such as; luggage fees, internet access, congestion charges, tolls, parking, medical insurance, visas etc. will be reimbursed as per receipt as an additional item in the invoice.

Notes: All charges for travel will be calculated between the registered office and place where the work is undertaken. Offer letters display an estimation of travel costs only. The offer can be withdrawn at any time. The offers are valid for a period of twenty eight days.

Cancellation charges: Notification of a cancellation received between four and two weeks prior to the scheduled event, results in a charge of twenty five percent of the purchase order value (unless costs already incurred exceed this amount). Notification received two weeks prior to the scheduled event will incur a charge equal to fifty percent of purchase order value (unless costs already incurred exceed this amount). No notification results in a cancellation charge equal to the full purchase order amount.


Acceptance of this offer is acceptance of our terms and conditions, which can be found by clicking of the legal link below.

last updated 2011


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We are based in the Midlands of the UK, so we are ideally placed to cover England, Scotland, Ireland & Wales.

FMEA trainings & facilitation for International companies

In addition to this we are based in the UK just 40 minutes from Birmingham Airport and less than 3 hours from London Heathrow, therefore we are ideally located to provide our services within Europe & further afield!
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How long will the FMEA last? :: can reduce the time invested in the FMEA activity
Our FMEA training courses generally last between 1 & 2 days and our FMEA Software courses normally last between 2 & 3 days, depending upon the software product and version.
What about the time required to do a professional FMEA? Well See some examples of how long a FMEA can take.

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